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How Often Should You Get An AC Filter Replacement in Antelope Valley?

Frequency of filter replacement for your air conditioning will depend on a few things, including your household’s needs and the specific indoor comfort goals you’ve set. There’s no one better than qualified Antelope Valley air conditioning specialists to help you identify the frequency of your AC filter replacement in Antelope Valley.

Having pets at home or smoking may require replacement of the AC filter every after two months.

If you have household members who are suffering from allergies, asthma, and respiratory issues, you will need to replace your HVAC filter at least every six weeks.

For the normal household, Antelope Valley AC experts recommend replacing filters every three months. If you belong in this category, you will easily find the best AC filter replacement in Antelope Valley by contacting Arctic Air.

Which AC Filter Replacement in Antelope Valley is Best for Your Household?

Fiberglass filters are a popular option for their low price and help in providing more efficient airflow. However, fiberglass is not effective at capturing small particles; as such they often need to be replaced once per month or sooner if there’s excessive dust build up inside your system.

Pleated AC filters are a great alternative to traditionally constructed filters because they have larger surface area and can trap more debris. This means you’ll be able to remove smaller particles like dust mites and dander which may not get caught by other types of filter in the past! Pleats also help prevent clogs from occurring so your air conditioning system lasts longer too- just replace them every 2 – 3 months for best results.

HEPA filters are best for commercial facilities because they can greatly help reduce indoor pollutants and allergens but may also impair normal airflow from your AC. Households with allergy sufferers or those who suffer other respiratory conditions might find appeal in this type of filter due its effectiveness at capturing smaller particles than standard ones, which would otherwise enter homes untreated by air purifiers equipped with regular sizes filtration systems.

Professional AC Filter Replacement in Antelope Valley, California

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