And Something Good for Your HVAC System

Did you know that May 16 is “Do Something Good for Your Neighbor Day”? It’s true! So, the Lancaster HVAC team at Arctic Air is encouraging everyone to consider doing something nice for someone they love. As a reminder, our “neighbors” aren’t just the people who live closest to us, so feel free to expand your reach beyond geographic boundaries. When we do something nice for someone we care about, we know we feel great. And we bet you do, too!

The Advantages Are Unbearably Grrrr-eat!

If you’re not familiar with Our Advantage Plan, “bear” with us as we share some of the overall benefits of routine maintenance and the specific perks of our plan.

When your system receives regular maintenance, you will avoid costly repairs, boost your energy savings and enjoy peace of mind. Here’s why: We’ll give your system the thorough inspections and tune-ups it needs. Plus, our trusty Lancaster HVAC experts will make you aware of any problems or potential problems that should be addressed. Once we get your approval, we’ll perform important system adjustments and make any needed repairs. This approach allows your system to operate as efficiently and affordably as possible. Plus, it can help cut those monthly energy bills and extend the lifespan of your equipment.

Our Advantage Plan includes the following perks:

  • FREE System Tune-Ups Every Six Months ($129 Value)
  • Priority, Front-of-the-Line Service for Emergency Repairs
  • 10% Discount on All Repairs & System Replacements
  • Minimum Labor Warranty on All Repairs Upgraded to One Year
  • System Operations Analysis Emailed to You After Every Tune-Up Visit

Here’s the really great thing about doing something nice for your HVAC system. It doesn’t just benefit your system. It also benefits you and your entire household. How cool is that?

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