Heat Pump Installation and Repair in Lancaster, California

Thinking of installing a new heat pump? Need to have your existing system repaired or tuned up for the season? 

Arctic Air is here to help. We provide full-service heat pump solutions throughout Lancaster, CA, with the goal of helping you achieve greater energy efficiency and comfort. Our Lancaster HVAC team works with a variety of heat pumps, including standard and dual-fuel systems.

Heat pumps are cost-effective options for homeowners who are looking to take advantage of greater energy savings over time. Heat pumps can potentially help you reduce your energy usage by 50 percent in the winter. During the cooling season, they can help with humidity control and dehumidify your home more efficiently than a standard air conditioning system.

Give us a call today to request an estimate for heat pump installation or to schedule immediate heat pump repair or maintenance in the Lancaster, CA, area.

Heat Pump Troubleshooting and Repair in Lancaster, California

Common heat pump problems include:

Frozen outdoor units—The outdoor unit is designed to enter defrost mode when temperatures go below a certain point (40 degrees, typically). Defrosting will help keep ice from forming in the unit. If the heat pump has a pre-existing issue (faulty parts or low refrigerant levels), it won’t be able to defrost properly and will end up freezing over.

System short cycling—This happens when your heat pump continuously shuts on and off. It’s often caused by blower motor damage or blocked air filters. We recommend replacing the filter regularly to avoid short cycling and other potential problems. During the peak of the cooling or heating season, we recommend replacing the filter once a month; during the milder months, we recommend changing the filter every 2 to 3 months.

Unusual noises—Are you hearing rattling or buzzing sounds coming from your heat pump? There might be an issue with loose components or a fan motor problem.

No warm or cold air at all—Failing to get the desired indoor temperature? Your heat pump may be experiencing problems with low refrigerant, clogged coils, or blower issues.

Safe and Efficient Heat Pump Installations in Lancaster, California

If you are thinking of installing a heat pump for the first time, you will need to work with an experienced HVAC professional in Lancaster CA who can provide the worry-free solutions you’re looking for. At Arctic Air, we have a team of knowledgeable and highly trained Lancaster CA heat pump installers committed to ensuring your peace of mind. We will work closely with you to assess your heating and cooling needs, help you navigate your options for heat pump installation in Lancaster, CA, and make sure your new system is set up to provide you with long-term efficiency and comfort.

Contact our team today to schedule professional heat pump installation, repair, or maintenance services in Lancaster, California.



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