Snuggle Up to Our End-of-Summer Maintenance

So, what can you expect during an end-of-summer maintenance visit? That’s a good question. We’ll thoroughly inspect your unit for damage, debris or anything else that could adversely affect its operation. If we find something that needs to be repaired, we’ll explain the specifics to you and get your approval before proceeding.

Here are just some of the services your AC system may need after months of use:

  • Clean filter. During the summer, your filter protects your system and your indoor air from a host of material, including dust, dirt, allergens and other debris. Changing the filter keeps your indoor air clean and your system running as efficiently as possible.
  • Thorough system inspection. We’ll inspect your interior unit and your outdoor condenser. If we find any problems, we would encourage you to allow us to fix them now to prevent an emergency repair later (next summer).
  • Thorough system cleaning. Your unit gets filled up with gunk, too. This is the perfect time to have it cleaned and prepared for next season.

Does My AC Need a Blanket This Winter?

While your indoor AC unit is safe from winter’s wrath, your outdoor condenser is vulnerable to the effects of frigid cold, sleet, ice and snow. Some homeowners choose to place a protective cover over their outdoor unit for protection from the elements. If you choose this route, you should turn off the power to the outdoor condenser completely and remove any fallen leaves, twigs, weeds and other debris from around your unit before covering it up.

Keep this is in mind, though. There could be drawbacks to covering your unit. A cover can prevent the free flow of air, which can result in mold or mildew growth. Yuck! Plus, it can create a warm, cozy haven for critters. Double yuck!

Call the Bear That Cares!

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