Could Cause You to Sing the Holiday Blues!

We know. We know. Those aren’t exactly the lyrics to that classic holiday tune. But because so many of you are currently focused on your holiday shopping, baking, wrapping, decorating, entertaining and more, we wanted to make sure you’re not neglecting an important household component that helps make it all happen in cozy comfort—your furnace. Of course, there’s never a convenient time for a heating repair, but a heating failure during the winter—especially over the holidays—is by far the worst time.

Let’s explore five common heating problems that can place your home comfort on the endangered list during the holidays or throughout our cold weather months.

  1. Your thermostat is on the fritz.
    Just like Santa is in charge of the toy-making operation at the North Pole, your thermostat is the boss when it comes to keeping your home at the perfect temperature. Your thermostat tells your furnace when to produce heat and how much. When something goes wrong with your thermostat, it can result in inconsistent heat or, worst of all, no heat at all.
  2. You’re experiencing airflow problems.
    A swift and efficient delivery system is the key to Santa’s successful travels on Christmas Eve. For your home, proper airflow is the key to consistently warm temperatures from room to room. There are a number of issues that can set your airflow off course, including problems with your furnace’s fan motors, belts and bearings. If these parts aren’t maintained or repaired, you might have trouble controlling your heat and your furnace could overheat.
  3. Your furnace filter is dirty or clogged.
    After traveling down all of those chimneys, how does Santa keep his suit looking clean and soot-free? We think his secret is a little bit of Christmas magic. Unfortunately, though, you can’t rely on magic to keep your furnace’s filter clean and dirt-free. You need to clean or replace it regularly. Why? A dirty filter limits airflow, which causes your furnace to work much harder and your energy bills to climb. A dirty or clogged filter can also shorten your furnace’s lifespan.
  4. Your system’s pilot or ignition control is acting up.
    While Santa uses those amazing flying reindeer to get his sleigh off the ground, your furnace relies on its pilot or ignition control to power up each mission. When this important part malfunctions, you could find yourself out in the cold.
  5. Your furnace needs TLC.
    The most common cause of heating problems is failing to provide your furnace with the routine maintenance it needs to operate efficiently and cost effectively. Regular maintenance also allows us (the Bears Who Care) to catch minor issues before they escalate into major (more expensive) problems.
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